Episode 35 – PPP Loan – Now What? with Andy Magnus

Table of Contents

Welcome to another episode of Navigate the Rapids.

In this episode, find out things like:

  • Economy and the Impacts
  • Major areas of change to the PPP
  • PPP1 vs PPP2
  • EIDL Loan update/changes
  • Other tax changes that impact your business

Guest Profile

Andy Magnus, CPA of ProActive Tax Pros LLC is a nationally known tax advisor, speaker, writer and humorist.

He spent 5 years as an IRS Agent and Regional Trainer and decades helping Small Businesses with their business and tax strategies and return preparation.

His firm – ProActive Tax Pros LLC, helps successful entrepreneurs keep more of what they earn so they can explore opportunities, grow their business and do the things they love.

You will enjoy Andy’s unique perspective and ability to make taxes simple, interesting and enjoyable.

Other Notes/Links

In the podcast at 14:30-38,  Andy mentions that period of time for measuring forgiveness is 24 months.  In actuality, it is 24 weeks.  Although time is an illusion, the SBA does not understand the concept.    Thanks to Gail Moran for catching this.

To learn more about Andy visit http://proactivetaxpros.com/

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