The Wrong Approach To Take On Your Link Building Campaign

With search engine marketing campaigns today, a key factor in your rankings is the amount of links you have pointing back to your website. That is why link building is so important when marketing your website. I am sure you have read it time and time again, “backlinks are key to improving your rankings”, “get […]

Hosting Affiliates – Make $100 per Signup

Hosting company Lighthouse Technologies has just launched their reseller hosting affiliate program. For anyone wanting to make some nice payouts ($100 bucks per!), sign up here

Just Starting Out? Finding Your First SEO Client

So you’ve been bustin’ your ass for a while now with a few of your sites, and you’ve got them ranking pretty well. You’ve studied all the ebooks on SEO, you’ve read John Battelle’s Search book, and you’re ready to take on your first paying SEO client. Since you’re just starting out, you’re obviously at […]

You’ve Got People

This is the first of several local-related articles. Local search is taking off, and if you’re not in the ballgame early, you’ll miss out on a huge potential for big bucks. While you may not have a lot of money to spend on the ‘Net, you’ve certainly got plenty of ways to still make some […]

Niche? Notch? What?

One of the things that you’ll hear over and over (and over) again when you’re first starting out in SEM/affiliate marketing is that you need to find a niche. Problem is, not many people even know what the f#@% that is. defines niche as a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person […]

Do I Have to Buy a .com?

Without getting in too deep into SEO tactics, I wanted to touch on the subject of buying a domain name. Often times GoDaddy, Registerfly and various other domain registrars have sales on .info domain names. Now, some of the bigshots in SEM say that .com is the only way to go. Bullhockey. I’ve had plenty […]