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Red Canoe Media Staff

Will Hanke

Will has two passions: supporting US Veterans and helping businesses tell their story. His company, Red Canoe Media, has helped mom & pops, startups and multi-million dollar companies with their online marketing strategies. Will teaches monthly classes and holds coaching webinars for small business owners throughout the year. He is an avid blogger and has published several ebooks including an Amazon Bestseller in Marketing.

Amber Hanke

Amber is our Lead Website Developer. She graduated from the University of Missouri – St. Louis with a major is Business Management. Amber is a certified Social & Community Manager.


Jacque has been working as an SEO specialist for many well-known and established companies. Her works include introducing digital marketing strategies and innovation and inject them into a business. Despite her busy yet promising career as a digital marketer, she manages to find time for her family.


Winlove is a passionate creative web designer with over 5 years of experience in different kind of web designing styles and fond of creating a minimalist design.


Razel has been working as a social media expert for about 4 years now and has helped established businesses or startups leverage the power of social media and elevate their social media presence. She helps increase their audience and customer base, grow their business, and manage the day to day social media tasks.


Sam has been doing keyword research for some time now. He has been helping businesses from different industries choose the right keywords. He makes sure that you get the best quality keywords for your business. Not just any keyword will do, he also make sure that he does SERP analysis to double check the quality of the keywords chosen.He is also knowledgeable in Adwords, Analytics, Seach Console, and My Business.