Are the Wrong People Managing Your Online Reviews?

Comcast hates customers. At least, that’s been their reputation for as long as anyone can remember. When it comes to online reviews, it seems like no one’s behind the wheel. No one seems to be managing or responding to their nightmarish reviews. A customer service rep changed the name on Ricardo Brown’s bill to Assh*le […]

How Sales Teams Can Use Online Reviews to Convert Prospects

Salespeople are compulsive liars. Thanks to the post-truth age, it seems trust is in short supply. That’s the general attitude consumers have towards sales teams. The view that anything and everything out of a salesperson’s mouth is a lie. That they’re looking to swindle you, to take your money. But it’s not true. They’re not […]

How Poor Web Security Is Costing You Leads

poor web security

There are a lot of moving parts to any website, and it’s difficult to vigilantly maintain every aspect of your online marketing strategy. It’s easy to get distracted with Facebook, social media posts, producing new content, keeping an eye on the competition, and managing your online reputation, not to mention the burden of actually running […]

9 Customer Service Hacks to Win Rave Reviews

No matter your industry, quality customer service has become a major differentiating factor for businesses. If your customer service team is not up to snuff, your company will be hemorrhaging revenue. To be honest, quality customer service is not complicated. Essentially, your customers need to embrace these mantras: Be humble Be helpful Be friendly Be […]

Facebook Reviews: An Underrated Gold Mine for Social Proof

Facebook Reviews: Why it’s Worth it Over the last few years, Facebook has established review pages for local business. Slowly but surely, the Facebook online review system has gained more credibility, with more than 68% of consumers using social networking sites to read online reviews. Frankly, Facebook reviews have a number of benefits that most […]

3 Benefits of Website Reviews and How to Handle Them with Ease

Website Review Benefits

Getting website reviews for your website offers numerous benefits, and reviews should be managed to ensure the happiness of your customers. This guide will help you increase product or service reviews on your site, in addition to explaining how to ask your customers for their opinion and what to do if you receive a bad […]