The Best Free Tools for Spying on Competitor’s Websites

When you’re in business, there’s no better thing to urge you on like a competitor’s success.  Losing a big contract or opportunity to an industry neighbor is fuel enough to get most business owners moving.  Wouldn’t it be nice if, say, every time your competitor put up something new on their website, that you knew […]

How Your Small Businesses Can Compete with the Big Dogs

small business compete big dogs

Small businesses often feel intimidated by the big dogs in their industry for a lot of reasons. Let’s face it, many of the big corporations that compete in your industry or niche often have five or six figure marketing budgets, if not million dollar budgets. But guess what? It has never been better for small […]

Should You Require a Non-Compete from Your SEO?

For the first time ever, last week I had a potential client ask me if I currently did work for any of her competitors. It was a question I’ve long anticipated but never expected. Her question was just the right question to ask me prior to signing on the dotted line. But did she go […]