Average Business Owners.

They’ve succeeded.

They’ve failed.

Don’t expect smooth voices and pump-it-up motivational speakers.  This raw podcast gets down to the nitty-gritty of marketing a small business. Many of our guests have never been on a podcast before; they’re out pounding the pavement and hustling to bring in more business. They’re professionals that just want to make it.

This podcast is about learning experiences.

It’s about growing bigger.

If you’re running a business and want to learn what others are doing to get more customers/clients/leads then you’re in the right place. Learn from other business owners and how their successes (and failures) have propelled them forward.  Plus, special episodes with marketing experts where you can get tips to really boost your bottom line.

Your Hosts

Red Canoe Media owner and SEO veteran Will Hanke is joined by his daughter and Digital Marketing Specialist Amber Hanke on each podcast.

Are you Sinking or Swimming?

Is your business a runaway success?  Have you arrived?  Probably not.  Listen to our podcast to get closer to your goals!

Other Broadcasts

Want to know more than your friends without spending hours reading hundreds of blogs and news sites?

Check out our weekly Digi Know? podcast where Will Hanke and Andrew McCauley talk about the week’s changes in digital marketing and social media

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