Make Money with Red Canoe Media Affiliate Program

We offer several products and services that you can refer your friends and website visitors to. Each has their own payout, listed below.

Web Services

5 Star Review Program

  • 40% payout on first payment
  • Monthly subscribers pay $38.80ea
  • Yearly subscribers pay $388.00ea
  • Videos and creatives for your website available

Business Website Hosting

  • $75 per 1 year signup
  • You can offer a special promo code where they'll save $75

CloudFlare Installation

  • We pay $25 per installation purchase
  • Easy to promote, makes websites faster (a Google ranking factor)


Full Website Audit

  • $150 payout per audit sale
  • Includes personal review and recording of results

6 Week SEO Challenge

  • Pays $100 per purchase

6 Week Social Media Challenge

  • We pay $100 per purchase

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