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How to Tell Good Links from Bad Links

All links are good links, right? Well, not exactly. Some links can actually harm your rankings. Crazy,right? Most people know that the number of backlinks a web page gets helps elevate its status in Google's results, but many business owners and web administrators simply don’t know how to measure an inbound link’s quality. After all [...]

DigiKnow Epsiode 71 – Voice Search Gains Momentum, Everyone Abandons Snapchat, Bud Light Upsets Golfers

Episode 71 features the Amazon's delivery drones patent approved, new Facebook features and plans and voice search gains momentum as such Google's First Voice-Activated Coupon for Google Assistant and more interesting tech news. Featuring Andrew McCauley (@andymac71) and Will Hanke (@redcanoemedia) Show Notes Amazon Amazon Gets Patent for Delivery Drones with Gesture and Voice Recognition [...]

SoS: Family Friendly DJ Neil Smith

Sink or Swim is a bi-weekly podcast of marketing interviews like this one. Click here to subscribe on iTunes. In this episode, find out things like: Why Neil won't always play the music your kids want to hear (and how that affects his bottom line and future referrals) Why people love to refer business to [...]

4 Major Barriers Preventing Your Happy Customers from Writing Positive Online Reviews

It's frustrating isn't it? You've exceeded your customer's expectations. You've under-promised and over-delivered. Maybe you've taken a loss for them. Or you've pulled a series of all-nighters. You've gone above and beyond. When you talk to them, they're full of praise. So why won't they do it? Why won't they write a review? Barriers. Barriers [...]