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7 Tips for Doing Your Own Website Maintenance [2nd Edition]

A lot of small business owners have no choice but to wear a lot of hats.  One of those is probably the marketing hat, which every once in a while we dust off (why is there dust on it?!) and put on to see what kinds of things we can do to generate more customers and leads coming in. Today I'm going to give you some things you can do to spruce up your website, but first...
How My Broken Car Is Like Your Website
A few days ago my wife called me, frantic.

"There's a problem with the car.  I was in the construction on Highway 40 and I must have hit something. Now the car is making a loud noise."


She was able to make it to work, and I made my way up to the car.  Turns out the catalytic converter has a hole in it and needs replaced.

Calling a few dealerships around town netted me a few estimates from as low as $775 to as high as $1500.


Now, I'm a do-it-yourselfer, and I'm not afraid to get a little dirty.  Turns out I can get a catalytic converter that fits my car for less than $200 bucks plus shipping.

Looks like I'm doing this one myself.

Just like most small business owners, we look for opportunities to save money and still get a pretty good bang for our buck.  We understand that time is money, so we don't want to waste time on tasks that we don't think will net us a decent return down the road. So let me ask you this...
If Your Website Were a Car, How Would it Run?
Would it be an efficient machine, getting your business where it needs to go and taking your business to places you've never seen? Or would it be extremely inefficient and maybe even smell a little bit?

I'd be willing to surmise that most small business websites might be running like a car, but not a new, shiny one...

More like an old jalopy that drains your wallet and doesn't treat you well.

Luckily, it doesn't have to be that way.

If you think your website is an old jalopy, that's ok - a few 'tune ups' and some 'body work' and you'll be happy to be seen with it once again. [...]

Those Pesky Competitors: Why Their Crappy Website Might Still Outrank Yours

In a perfect world, we’d all like to think that if we do our best to provide the absolute best content in our industry or niche, we’d rank higher than everyone else.

And it’s true – the Google algorithm is highly advanced and extremely sophisticated, and it’s getting smarter every day. But a lot of people have run into problems where they feel that their content is better, it contains more relevant links, and they have done a superior job of keyword targeting.

So why on earth would these lower quality websites rank higher? Rand Fishkin of Moz SEO has some great points that I found to be pretty enlightening, so let’s take a closer look at what you might be doing wrong. [...]

Digi Know 30 – Pokemon Go, Facebook & Snapchat

Featuring Andrew McCauley (@andymac71) and Will Hanke (@redcanoemedia)

In episode 30 of the podcast, Andrew and Will introduce a new segment on cool tools, chat about the Pokemon Go phenomenon (and how marketing ties in), then go through some Facebook ans Snapchat changes. Plus, a little info on holiday sales (yeah, you read that right). [...]

Digi Know – Episode 29

Featuring Andrew McCauley (@andymac71) and Will Hanke (@redcanoemedia)

In episode 29 of the podcast, Andrew and Will reveal the new name for the show plus reintroduce each other to the listeners.  Lots of new things coming and plenty of great information for small & medium sized business owners & entrepreneurs!
Show Notes
Red Canoe Media - Will's [...]

The Pros and Cons of Twitter Automation

To automate Tweets or not to automate Tweets...
...that’s a question the bears some serious consideration!

In today’s digital and data-driven world, we have the unprecedented opportunity to leverage automation to increase our productivity many times over. But just because you can doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Tools like Buffer and many similar services help alleviate the burden of posting content to multiple social media platforms under different account names. Have you considered the pros and cons of doing so, though? To help you make a decision, we’re going to look more closely at the perks and drawbacks of Twitter automation. [...]

5 Tips to Maintain SEO Rankings

OMG I'm Ranking High on Google - Now What?!
So, you’ve finally climbed the mountain and you’re ranking in the number one position for your targeted keywords. Congratulations, you deserve a pat on the back! All of the hard work is finished, and you can capture organic traffic streams until the next Google update without lifting a finger, right?

Sorry folks, this is a bit of a joke...and a bad joke at that.

As you probably know, competition for keywords in most industries is staggeringly fierce, and your competitors are always going to try to dethrone you and knock you down a peg or two. The honest truth is that you’re going to need to maintain your SEO rankings.

But how do you do that? I’m glad you asked; just follow these five practices and you'll be on your way to keeping those top organic SEO rankings. [...]


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