Pre-Launch Checklist – Testing Your Website Before It Goes Live

website launch checklist

Though it may not seem obvious, the number of websites that populate the already crowded Internet is growing with each passing year. These days, according to Internet statistics, there are well over a billion websites in existence, and there are millions and millions more of them popping up each year. This equates to well over […]

[CHECKLIST] Four Website Requirements to Survive 2017

Keeping your website properly maintained can be a real challenge, especially if you aren’t up to date on current internet trends. The web is constantly changing, platforms and technologies are consistently improving. Small business owners need to adapt to these latest changes not only to survive, but to thrive. Follow these tips to ensure that […]

Top WordPress Plugins You Need for 2016

The popularity of plugins rises and falls with the passage of time, but there are a few plugins that are a bare necessity as we move into 2016. If you need help finding the best plugins for your website, don’t despair. The following are the top WordPress plugins we’ll be using in 2016.

More WordPress Vulnerabilities Discovered

Half of the battle keeping up to date with online security is simply identifying risks and threats. Knowledge is power, and you can’t defend against unknown threats. WordPress is an extremely secure web platform with a lot of benefits such as ease of use and content management simplification, but it’s not perfect. You need to […]

Terrorists Attack WordPress Sites

ISIS Security Risks: Foreign Extremists are Hacking Domestic Websites Shockingly, the one and only United States FBI has issued a warning to website owners against potential online attacks from supporters of the well-known group ISIS. Many Americans have seen the extremist group in the media, but until now, most domestic Americans have felt that the […]

Understanding Today’s Popular Web Platforms

Whatever needs you have when creating a website, it seems that there are a million ways to satisfy them. Countless tools provide useful features and each new web platform causes the internet to advance even faster. But it can be hard determining which web platform will suit your needs the best. Before you build your […]