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5 Content Strategy Goals That Will Boost Your Business in 2017 [2nd Edition]

Stop Creating Content Just Because You're Supposed to Create Content There are a lot of marketing firms out there that are telling you that you've got to be consistently creating content, and they're partially right. We believe that you should put out new content on a regular basis, but only if it's worth reading.  Creating [...]

Case Study: How Reviving Old Content Can Mean More Traffic

On October 12, 2007, local Saint Louis company STLBeds launched their first blog post titled 'Waterbed Sizes'.  Right after publishing, the blog did well in the search engines, receiving around 10 visits a week.  While that doesn't seem like much, it was 10 visitors more per week then they had before.  It equated to an [...]

How Creating Content Means More Profit for Your Business [2nd Edition]

This post originally published September 2015, updated November 2016 It's no secret that building content on your website will lead your business to increased leads and sales. Content means a lot of things, and the most common way for a business to create content is through blogs or video. If you aren't writing a weekly [...]


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