6 Toxic Marketing Phrases to Avoid at All Costs

toxic marketing phrases

Have you ever visited a website with poor copy that was clearly written by someone who knows English (barely) as a second language? Or perhaps you’ve visited a website that seemed to be talking down to you. The language used to communicate a thought through website text needs to be chosen with care and intention, […]

Time on Page – The Most Important Google Measurement You Aren’t Considering

improving time on page

If you’re reading this, and you’re human, you’re lazy. Wouldn’t it be nice if every visitor to your website read 100% of the text on each page they visited? Unfortunately, that’s nearly never the case. We’re lazy. No matter how hard you try to keep your audiences eyeballs glued to your content, it’s silly to […]

3 Tools to Help Increase Written Content Impact

Content Tools

Long past are the days of writing sentences out by hand or lugging a hefty and unforgiving typewriter around. Thank the heavens we don’t need to throw out an entire page if we mistype a single character as was necessary decades ago. In the digital era, just about everyone has used a word processor at […]

6 Ways to Find New Content Ideas and Topics

content ideas

Suffering from Brain-Melt? That’s ok – you’re not alone. Sometimes, it seems as though you’ve covered every topic your audience cares about, and you hit a creative wall, struggling to come up with fresh content ideas. Even though we sometimes feel as though there are no new topics to cover, that’s simply not the case. […]

Using User-Generated Content to Build Your Website Authority

user generated content

In January of 2008 – over ten years ago – our client STLBeds wrote a blog titled ‘Top Ten Problems with Memory Foam“. Being a company that’s trying to sell memory foam mattresses, you’d think this was a bad idea. Why write something about how bad your product is? Maybe we should have called it an anti-blog… […]

Four Surefire Ways to Make Crappy Content

crappy content

If no one reads your content, does it actually exist? One of the biggest challenges with content marketing is making content that people will actually read. Unfortunately, there’s a limited number of ways to produce great content, but a seemingly endless number of ways to make mistakes that discourage readership. It has been said many […]