The Secret Website Speed Weapon Your Small Business Needs: CloudFlare

There’s a secret weapon out there that can boost the reputation of your website to Google, and you may already have access to it. You just haven’t done anything about it. Day to day, business owners and web marketers most often concern themselves with content production, the number of visitors being driven to their site, […]

Understanding the Types of Hosting Packages

web hosting

Competition in the web hosting market has created some truly amazing services, but some are terrible. Your web host is a foundation that your online business or website is built upon, but they are not always in the forefront of our minds. That is, until there is trouble. Servers crash, networks are compromised, and there […]

How to Choose A Good Web Host

I live in a fairly small town, about 20,000 people in the city limits. Suffice to say, most of the small businesses in town don’t have a website. Forget search engine marketing, heck some are still on dialup. But such is life (not) in the big city. If for some odd reason, a local business […]

Hosting Affiliates – Make $100 per Signup

Hosting company Lighthouse Technologies has just launched their reseller hosting affiliate program. For anyone wanting to make some nice payouts ($100 bucks per!), sign up here

A Few .htaccess Modifications You Should Use

When putting up a website, there are a few modifications to the .htaccess file that you should consider. 1. Your site usually has two defaults that work: Now, that’s cool that you can get to it two ways. Problem is, the search engines see this as two separate websites, both with the exact […]

Lighthouse Technologies Offers 40% Discount to Dreamhost Members

Web Host Lighthouse Technologies has just posted a new page on their site offering a 40% discount to all Dreamhost customers. After Dreamhost’s bad luck, this looks quote appealing to web hosts that are wanting to have a secure system with excellent customer service. The sale only goes through June 20, 2007.