How to Choose A Good Web Host

I live in a fairly small town, about 20,000 people in the city limits. Suffice to say, most of the small businesses in town don't have a website. Forget search engine marketing, heck some are still on dialup. But such is life (not) in the big city. If for some odd reason, a local business [...]

Hosting Affiliates – Make $100 per Signup

Hosting company Lighthouse Technologies has just launched their reseller hosting affiliate program. For anyone wanting to make some nice payouts ($100 bucks per!), sign up here

A Few .htaccess Modifications You Should Use

When putting up a website, there are a few modifications to the .htaccess file that you should consider. 1. Your site usually has two defaults that work: Now, that's cool that you can get to it two ways. Problem is, the search engines see this as two separate websites, both with the exact [...]

Lighthouse Technologies Offers 40% Discount to Dreamhost Members

Web Host Lighthouse Technologies has just posted a new page on their site offering a 40% discount to all Dreamhost customers. After Dreamhost's bad luck, this looks quote appealing to web hosts that are wanting to have a secure system with excellent customer service. The sale only goes through June 20, 2007.