All Links are Not the Same – What’s Yours Worth?

As we all know, links come in many shapes and sizes. And as long as they are back-links from quality sites, you can bet that they are going to help you rank higher in Google – the more the merrier. You probably also already knew that on-site links help boost your ranking signals to the […]

What Google Really Has to Say about Link Building

Contrary to what you may have heard, Google isn’t entirely opposed to the practice and idea of link building. Because of some abusive link building schemes in the past, link building has gotten a bad reputation. While it is true that a 100%, natural and organic back-link is the best, it’s not the only legitimate […]

Get One Way Links

A great way to get one way links to your website is to guest-post on business websites that complement your own.  Of course, there are a few things that would have to fall in place. The ‘target business’ needs a website/blog You need to write good content that doesn’t blatently promote your biz You need […]