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Build It and They'll Come, Right?

We hear it all the time - a small business owner paid a good amount of money to a web designer to build a website, and thought that having that website automatically meant more customers.  But the customers didn't come.

Simply building a website isn't enough (and I'm hoping by your being here it means you figured that out!). Getting customers to actually find your website is an entire separate process - one that 95% of web designers don't understand.

The #1  Way People Find Your Business Online is by Search

Search engines have become a staple of our society. They help us answer questions, research facts, and find products that we need or want. The "Big Three" (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing) are constantly updating their servers to provide searchers with the latest, most relevant and helpful results that they can generate.

These search results are highly dependent on the websites that they are crawling for information such as products, services and even location. If your website isn't optimized to feed the search engines all they need to know (and more!) about your business, you'll never rank for the terms your customers are using to try to find you. And that's our specialty. We'll help you move up those search results for industry-related phrases through our multiple optimization techniques.

Red Canoe Media by the Numbers

  • Founded in 1997 as Lighthouse Technologies
  • Rebranded in 2015 as Red Canoe Media (why?)
  • Over 10 marketing, sales, and creative experts (on-staff, part or full time)
  • 2016 Future 50 award winner by St Louis Small Business Monthly
  • 2017 Top in Search award by
  • 2017 Top Consultants in St Louis award by St Louis Small Business Monthly
  • 2018 Certified Google Partner
  • 2018 Top Marketing Firm by St Louis Small Business Monthly

So Helping with Ranking is What You Do?

Getting businesses better search engine rankings is part of what we do.  What is most important is that you get more qualified customers.  We use various methods online to get more exposure to your business - which includes getting you to the top of organic searches on search engines.  But there are other ways to get more exposure, too.

Where Should You Start?

All the Things We Have for You:


For over ten years we've been adding content to our site with one purpose in mind - to help you the business owner understand, implement, and conquer various digital marketing techniques and ideas. We post new articles often, and we share them in our weekly newsletter. Subscribe and you'll have the latest digital marketing information right there in your InBox!


In addition to articles, we also host a few podcasts that help business owners learn more about social media, running a business, and

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First thing we recommend is that you get your SEO Score (it's FREE!). This SEO Score tool will provide you with information on what you need to go forward with your website SEO. The free PDF download will include suggestions as to changes on your website such as your page titles, keywords, etc. This is a roadmap to your SEO campaign success.

Once the SEO audit is complete, you can fix the things yourself or contact us for help.

Need some overall online marketing help? Grab one of our Done for You Marketing Packages. This is a great and affordable way for you to start the marketing process for your business.

If you are in the Saint Louis Missouri area, we also recommend attending one of our marketing meetups for business owners.  These monthly classes are a great way to learn more about SEO and are full of tips you can go back and use immediately.

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