How to Fully Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Optimize Google My Business

Everyone is Searching The internet has completely transformed business and culture. We’ve entered into an information golden age. You can find exactly what you’re looking for and a route to where you’re going in a just a few seconds. Need to go to the airport? Easy. Want to get a rental car? Done. Hungry? No […]

Local SEO: Factors that Influence Your Local Rankings

rank locally

Small businesses have a greater need to focus on local search rankings than established, nationwide brands for several reasons. Because small businesses have limited resources (financing, staff, commercial space, etc.), they typically can’t accommodate masses and masses of people outside their local community. There are exceptions to the rule, though, like ecommerce sites and digital […]

Effective Local Marketing through Community Engagement

Community Engagement

When most people hear the term “local marketing strategy,” the first things that often come to mind are location pages (pages that contain local search keywords) for their website and joining local social media groups. But did you know that attending local community events can help drive traffic to your website? Believe it or not, […]

5 Local Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses

Local social media strategy

Local search traffic is critical for many types of businesses because they lack the ability to deliver their goods and services to people in distant geographic regions. Take a law firm, for example, who is typically bound practicing law within their respective state. Almost all of their business comes from people within close range of […]

How Schnucks is Winning at Facebook Advertising

Every town in America has their local flavor of grocery store. In St. Louis, the two biggest players are Dierbergs and Schnucks.  Both family-owned companies, these two (along with many other cut-rate stores) compete for customers on thin margins, personal label items and additional departments (floral, bakery, deli, etc) to make their money. We see […]

7 Tips for Being Found in Local Search

There has been a huge increase in the ‘hyper-local’ scene for a few years now.  Ever since Google changed the way they show their local results, the local small business owner has gained a signifigant advantage over big box corporations when it comes to online reach.  The hyper-local movement, if you will, has created some […]