Guarding Against Click Fraud for Your PPC Campaigns

click fraud

Human beings are competitive by nature, and nowhere is that more apparent than the Internet. Online competition is absolutely brutal, and though I think most people are basically good-natured, there are some real scoundrels lurking around the Internet who want to get ahead by any means necessary. One of those means is clicked fraud, which […]

Tips for Designing a Rock Star PPC Landing Page

landing page optimization

There are many facets to a successful PPC marketing campaign. The copy one uses to advertise in Google undoubtedly has a powerful effect on users’ choices to visit your site, it doesn’t necessarily have the most power to increase conversions. Once a user clicks on your ad, you need to direct them to a highly […]

Steps to Launch Your First PPC Campaign

Your First PPC Campaign

PPC campaigns take a great deal of planning before the ad goes live. If you thought it’s possible just to wing it and hope for the best, I must inform you otherwise. There are many steps to planning a successful PPC strategy, but many newcomers to the PPC arena – small business owners especially – […]

PPC Advertising Techniques That Entice Users to Take Action

ppc entice action

If you’ve significant amounts of time online, you have likely seen thousands and thousands of PPC ads. And I’d imagine that you actually clicked on a few of them on purpose. Likewise, I imagine you’ve seen some terrible PPC ads, whereupon your first gut response was “no thanks!” But what is difference between a quality […]

Getting Started with Facebook Ads: Strategies for Success

Facebook Ads Strategies

Social media provides businesses of any size with the opportunity to reach large masses of people for pennies on the dollar compared with traditional advertising methods. In fact, one of the reasons that social media platforms like Facebook are so alluring to small businesses is because business users can even advertise their business for free. […]

New AdWords Callouts – Promote Your Best

Yesterday Google announced that they’ve added the option to put ‘callouts’ on your PPC ads – something that can be quite cool and set your ads apart from the others. Offering free shipping or perhaps a promo code? As long as it’s within their guidelines, you can do it. There’s something similar to this with […]