How to Boost Facebook Posts to Seize More Attention

Promoting content on Facebook isn’t as simple as clicking the share button any more. In an ideal world, users would share our content until it canvassed everyone’s Facebook feed, but with exception to all but the rarest cases, that simply isn’t going to happen. Darnit! Business owners have to promote their content for it to [...]

How Your Business Can Succeed with Social Media in 2018

Online marketing strategies are always growing, fading out or evolving. If you’re using last year’s strategies, you won’t execute as successful of a digital marketing campaign as you could have. Like any other technology, SEO, content marketing, and social media strategies need to be constantly updated and refined. Today, we’re going to take a look [...]

4 Great Practices in Bolstering Your Traffic and Leads with Instagram

This is no surprise: leads and traffic sources vary widely in quality and source, as well as in cost and value. For example, you may already know that there are plenty of paid traffic streams, but if you try to drive paid traffic to your site from low quality sources (non-relevant external blogs, cheap pop-up [...]

Why Some Businesses Don’t Have Websites (and Why We Think That’s a Bad Idea!)

There’s a new trend hitting the business landscape, and you need to ignore it. You know, there are always new trends emerging on the Internet, especially within the realm of social media. And chances are if you own a small business, you have already turned to social media platforms in an effort to get the [...]

How to Get More Social Shares from the Content You Create

WARNING: You could get so much exposure that your head may explode. Wouldn’t it be great if every post in your content marketing portfolio went viral?  I think every small business with a defined online presence has dreamed of a post going viral and sending thousands upon thousands of leads back to their website. Unfortunately, [...]

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