[UPDATED JULY 2020] 4 Reasons Your Leads & Sales Aren’t Growing

Forget about more sales – the truth is, you probably are mishandling the opportunities you already have right in front of you. And if your website neglects to use the concept of a marketing funnel, or you’ve never even formally put one in place, you’re missing the biggest opportunity to really grow and increase your sales. […]

5 eCommerce Checkout Mistakes That Drive Away Sales

ecommerce checkout

If you thought e-commerce was simple, think again. There are a million and one things that can go wrong, even if you think you know what you’re doing. I laid out the most common e-commerce marketing mistakes in a previous post, but today I wanted to highlight a much more specific area of e-commerce mistakes […]

7 Common Website Mistakes That Will Make Your Visitors’ Blood Boil

Website Mistakes

Even with a solid content marketing strategy, close attention to SEO, and solid website design, you can still fail to reach your audience. There are a lot of pet peeves that users have that will instantly repel them from your site, regardless of the quality of the content or the amount of time you spent […]

Tips on Improving Your Calls to Action [2nd Edition]

Call to Action

A lot of time and effort is used to attract a user to your website – we talk about it in many of our posts. Organic traffic, paid ads, link building, SEO campaigns and other efforts are required to get the traffic.  That’s a lot of work, and nothing has even happened (from the visitor’s standpoint) […]

Why Conversion Rate Optimization Is The Answer to Higher eCommerce Sales

conversion rate optimization CRO

Small business owners spend countless hours developing a site that will wow visitors, and spending time focusing on SEO is certainly important. However, it is not just enough to lure shoppers to an ecommerce site. The point, after all, is to make the sale. Where SEO draws in potential buyers, CRO (or conversion rate optimization) […]

The Most Common E-Commerce Digital Marketing Mistakes

Ecommerce Mistakes - Money down the drain

Making these ecommerce mistakes is like watching money go down the drain Ecommerce sites have been growing in popularity for years now, and I think most people would agree that Amazon.com has had a massive influence on how regular folks shop for goods. These days, it isn’t as common as it once was to visit […]