Google Analytics Data Retention – What Does it Mean?

Google Data Retention

This week many of our clients have received an email similar to the one below, and they’ve emailed us asking what it means, what they need to do (click that link if you don’t care what it is and just want to know what to do), and how it impacts their overall online strategies. First, […]

6 Clues Your Businesses is Wasting Its Marketing Budget

wasted marketing budget

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business because it drives sales. And without a steady stream of new leads, you’re not going to make a great impact, build a strong following, or create brand awareness. But unfortunately, a lot of small businesses are caught smack in the middle of a “chicken and the egg” scenario. […]

Which of My Marketing Channels are Working?

I often get questions from clients about their various marketing methods, wondering if they’re really working.  A big one, for instance, is Yellow Pages.  Their sales people are pretty slick at sales, but can crumble quickly under any sort of questioning related to their claims.  Instead of just believing their hype, use your data to […]

Filter Your Own Visits from Google Analytics

This video shows you the steps to filter your own visits from being counted in Google Analytics.  We recommend you revisit this process every 4-6 months, as IP address may change. This video is part of our Business Compass Video Series. Have a question for us? Fill out the form on that page and […]

How to Understand Your Content’s Performance

Wondering what pieces of content on your website are performing well? Use this video tutorial to find those pieces along with those that aren’t doing so great!

Get Analytics Before You Hire an SEO

Even before you hire an SEO to do some work on your website, you really need to know what you’re getting for your hard earned money. The great thing about SEO is that nearly all of it is trackable.  Every website visitor leaves a nice trail when they come by, and over time you can […]