How Your Business Can Leverage the Latest Chatbot Trends

chat bot

Technology is exploding, and some of the latest innovations are so jaw-droppingly unbelievable that they seem more like something out of an Arthur C. Clarke science fiction novel than reality. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, Mars exploration – the list goes on. Fortunately, some of these advancements in technology make it easier for a business to […]

The Six Unwritten Rules of Email Marketing

Email marketing

Did you know there was an unwritten set of rules you need to follow when setting up your email marketing campaigns? But before we get there – have you started building your list yet? If you want a leg up on the competition and a way to retain hard-won customers, you need to build an […]

A Simple & Cheap Way to Get More Facebook Page Likes

More Facebook Fans © Can Stock Photo / tomwang

One of the big things that businesses struggle with is building up their Likes on their Facebook page. While Likes do not typically translate directly to sales, they do offer us an audience that has ‘raised their hand’ to say they want to hear more from us. And that’s a good start, right? Building your […]

The Pros and Cons of Twitter Automation

Twitter automation

To automate Tweets or not to automate Tweets… …that’s a question the bears some serious consideration! In today’s digital and data-driven world, we have the unprecedented opportunity to leverage automation to increase our productivity many times over. But just because you can doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Tools like Buffer and many similar services help […]

Google Launches AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

Staying current with the latest search engine updates is the only way to survive in the constantly changing world of SEO and SEM. And late in 2015, Google released news that accelerated mobile pages would become a ranking signal that, in part, determine a website’s overall ranking in the SERPs. However, there are many benefits […]

The Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing for Small Businesses

Affiliate Marketing

Most people have already heard of affiliate marketing, but there are still many who have failed to demystify this term. Essentially, affiliate marketing earns advertisers (usually by means of their website and traffic) sales commissions by referring visitors to other websites and related products. If the user follows a link from your website and makes […]