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Improve Your Business, Leads, and Sales with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your business needs to be found on Google, no questions asked. If your revenues are $2-20MM/year, we can help you succeed.

Website Optimization

We review and optimize the content of your web page(s) so that the search engines can easily understand what it is you are providing, whether its a service, product or otherwise. You pages are modified in accordance with highly-searched terms in your industry.

Advertising and Funnel Creation

The other big part of helping a website rank higher is by doing things on other industry-related websites, such as guest posting, which will 'encourage' the search engines to rank you higher for certain keywords. These offsite links will give your website more authority in your industry, thus moving you up the search results.

So what can we do for your business?

Easy - we can help your business move closer to the top of the natural search results for your industry. Since most searchers rarely go to page three of Google results, it is imperative that your business be listed near the top.

Starting the Process

There are a few ways you can get started with SEO.

  1. Contact Us
    Give us a call at 314-510-5SEO (5736), fill out the form below, or shoot us an email.  Let’s start a conversation around your business, your goals, and how I can help you get there.
  2. Attend one of our SEO classes in Saint Louis MO
    We sponsor a SEO meetup on various topics.
  3. Download a webinar or two
    A lot of the presentations that we do are now being put into webinar format for immediate download.  These webinars are a great way to learn how SEO can help your business – and you can watch them on your own time!
  4. Get an SEO Evaluation
    The first step to SEO success is to know where you're at. An audit of the SEO landscape for your industry can help you understand how your website structure and links are currently doing (or not doing), what keywords you are ranking for, and how much estimated traffic your competitors are getting each month.

Want to Do it Yourself ?

  1. Join our free Facebook group
    Jump into the conversation with other business owners, get tips and ideas, and grow your business. Our Facebook group 'Marketing Upstream' is free to join.
  2. Join Red Canoe Elite
    Our membership area has over 100 how-to videos, monthly coaching calls and a private Facebook group. Learn and do!

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