Facebook Reviews: An Underrated Gold Mine for Social Proof

Facebook Reviews: Why it’s Worth it Over the last few years, Facebook has established review pages for local business. Slowly but surely, the Facebook online review system has gained more credibility, with more than 68% of consumers using social networking sites to read online reviews. Frankly, Facebook reviews have a number of benefits that most […]

How to Boost Facebook Posts to Seize More Attention

Promoting content on Facebook isn’t as simple as clicking the share button any more. In an ideal world, users would share our content until it canvassed everyone’s Facebook feed, but with exception to all but the rarest cases, that simply isn’t going to happen. Darnit! Business owners have to promote their content for it to […]

Getting Started with Facebook Ads: Strategies for Success

Facebook Ads Strategies

Social media provides businesses of any size with the opportunity to reach large masses of people for pennies on the dollar compared with traditional advertising methods. In fact, one of the reasons that social media platforms like Facebook are so alluring to small businesses is because business users can even advertise their business for free. […]

5 Tips to Make Your Facebook Business Page Stand Out

Facebook Business Page Tips

Does it always take money to make money? I don’t think so. Take Facebook for instance – there are ways to advertise your business at no cost to you and leverage their huge user base.  Yeah, while paid advertising is the very lifeblood of Facebook’s massive multi-billion dollar empire, it’s not the only way to […]

A Simple & Cheap Way to Get More Facebook Page Likes

More Facebook Fans © Can Stock Photo / tomwang

One of the big things that businesses struggle with is building up their Likes on their Facebook page. While Likes do not typically translate directly to sales, they do offer us an audience that has ‘raised their hand’ to say they want to hear more from us. And that’s a good start, right? Building your […]