Episode 32 – Productivity & Cash Flow During Crisis

Productivity & Cash Flow During Crisis

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Thanks for joining us today, my name is Will Hanke, and I wanted to bring in a special guest today to help us sort through some things. Since most of us are stuck at home, we’re dealing with different situations than we’re used to.

For some, we’ve suddenly got kids or pets or spouses in our work area, demanding attention, distracting us from completing projects. How can we deal with them and still get our work done?

In addition, how do we handle the change in cash flow? For many, there are projects that are now sitting waiting to be delivered, with money due.

Today’s guest is Cathy Sexton, a productivity expert and business coach with over 17 years of experience helping business owners sort through their situations to make them more productive and profitable.


  • Cathy, tell me a little about your business.
  • For those that typically do not work at home, but suddenly are, what are some good tips around setting up a temporary office?                                                                                   (this can be two fold )1. Working from home NOW and those that have already have home offices but now the kids and spouses are in the midst of it all..
  • What ‘guidelines’ should we set for our family? 
  • Distractions and accidents are bound to happen. How can we deal with those and still stay on track?
  • From Callie “I’ve heard of grouping things you do into chunks and then work on a chunk for a period of time. What are some common chunks I should put on my list? “
  • Stepping away – one advantage of working from home, especially as a business owner, is that we can take a break if need be. Similar to the previous question, how do we keep our sanity but also get things done?
  • For those of us with a team, what are your favorite virtual tools for keeping in touch?
  • So let’s talk about cash flow, how do we handle what could be a devastating effect in our business when our business takes a huge shift?
  • I know you have a program called “The Miracle Money Method” . Can this be something that is still beneficial during these times.?

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