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WordPress 4.1 Upgrade

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WordPress announced the release of version 4.1 of its software on December 18, 2014, which is now available for direct download. You may also access the new version by updating directly from your WordPress dashboard. If you haven’t upgraded to the latest and greatest version of code, you need to consider downloading the new release. Keeping your website properly maintained with the latest version of code is crucial for two reasons. Firstly, it helps you gain the benefits of the newest features. Secondly, it helps patch your website against potential security vulnerabilities and risks.

The newest version of WordPress is named “Dinah” after the jazz singer Dinah Washington. It comes with a new default theme, and it has many new benefits and features geared towards keeping you focused on creating content.

WordPress 4.1 DinahThe expansive new features allow you to maintain your website more efficiently by streamlining your content creation and distribution process. Many of the new tools and features are very high level, allowing you to ignore many of the intricate underlying technologies and focus on your content.

New Features Explained

Distraction Free Writing

One of the new features is a mode called distraction-free writing. Once you start typing, you enter this mode automatically. All of the underlying and background technologies and distracting options disappear. However, they reappear after you have finished writing.

This is a feature you should be very excited about if you find yourself creating, sharing, and writing a lot of WordPress content. The sheer amount of options you’re inundated with in the WordPress backend can at times feel overwhelming, so this is sure to make your content creation process a lot faster.

New Default Theme

Each year WordPress releases a theme that is named after the year of release. The company stated that the 2015 theme was designed for clarity and is a blog-focused theme. The new theme can be appropriately viewed on phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computer monitors, and a variety of other screens of varying sizes.

Plugin Recommendations

WordPress 4.1 has added more value to your web project by decreasing the amount of time you search for plugin features to enhance your website. It can feel like a tedious process sifting through the vast amount of plugins available for selection. Now the plugin installer will recommend plugins for you to try based on other plugins you have installed.

Log Out Everywhere

This new feature is extremely handy for security purposes. Web security is crucial for your business because it decreases your exposure to risks and lessens the chance that your website becomes compromised. We have all failed to log out of a system at least once in our lives, and this simple error can be disastrous because it allows someone else to access your information. Now if you’ve signed in to WordPress from multiple computers, there’s an option to log out from all devices in one fell swoop.

Other Miscellaneous Features

  • Language Selection: Ability to change the language from the General Settings screen.
  • Embed Vine Videos: You now have the ability to automatically embed Vine videos by pasting a URL.


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