I just got off the phone with a client who has signed up for our call tracking and he is just ecstatic.  This week he logged into the admin side that we offer and he listened to some of the calls that he has taken over the last week.

While listening, he did an objective critique of his own interacton with his callers (ie potential customers) and he noticed several things.  He was talking too fast.  He over-explained some things.  He cut off the customer as they spoke.

What’s cool is that he used our service to improve his customer service.  He’s going to handle things a bit different, and as a result I’m sure his ROI will continue to increase.

In this particular case, my client actually works at the family store with his father.  His father isn’t as excited about the Internet (although he pays us every month, so he must like the sales we are driving to him).  So he (the son) did his critique with his dad there, which accomplished several things: [optin-monster-shortcode id=”ig3fgm4ilesit1ttdbmq”]

  • It exposed the call tracking software to his dad
  • It gave his dad an opportunity to critique the call and get some pointers on his own (without being critiqued on his own calls, which may have resulted in a defensive attitude)
  • It improved the overall business and how they handle certain orders and questions

I love that our service is helping this business grow and expand – and it can do the same for you!