Our first free 2012 Small Business Webinar Series webinar was with guest speaker guest speaker Russ Henneberry from Tiny & Mighty Media.  Russ knocked it out of the park with his presentation on how to make tons of money with online methods.

If you missed this one, you missed a good one.  Don’t miss any more webinars, sign up for them now.

Webinar Summary (aka What You Missed)

Have you had a website for a while but aren’t making a lot of money from it? Content marketing guru Russ Henneberry showed us that no matter how much or how little traffic your site gets, there are things we could do TODAY that will help grow our bottom line.

We learned:

  •  How to generate sales from your existing website traffic, no matter how much you are getting
  •  The simple 3-step process you must master to begin generating cash from your website
  •  The “head-smackingly” simple reason that most websites are leaving money on the table

Questions from the audience:

  • Kenneth asked: Does your LinkedIn connections qualify as a quality list?
  • Bill asked: What should a business owner do if they are “technically chllenged”?
  • Sherry asked: What about the last stage in the ARC method? The stage called Convert.
  • and I had a question for Russ too: What are some ways to build a bigger list?
These questions are answered in the comments below.  Thank you Russ for such a great webinar to start off the series!