Write for the Topic, Not the Keyword

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Just a year ago, I gave my writers a list of keywords or keyphrases, and asked them to write content around each one.  And that’s the way SEO’s did things – our entire industry was keyword driven.

But not so much any more.

SEO is Growing Up, and the Search Engines are Getting Smarter

Sure, keywords are still the basis of search, and the web in general.  So while dismissing them altogether is not a good idea, what is a good idea is to stop producing content around a specific keyword.  If that is still your plan, it’s time to update that plan.

Content nowadays is all about interaction – how helpful your visitors find it and the amount of engagement you get from it.  Each. Dang. Piece. Of. Content.
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Nowadays I give my writers no keyword, just a list of topics I’d like them to cover.  I find that, since not giving them a specific phrase to concentrate on, the content has become better, more informative and helpful. No longer are the writers’ thoughts skewed by trying to figure out how to integrate a specific phrase into a few spots in the content.

Now they just write, as they always should have – unobstructed and unbiased.

If you create your own content, be careful not to poison your mind with certain keywords when writing.  Come up with a topic, write your heart out about that topic, and let the dice lay where they may.  Good content trumps the right keywords in the right place.

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