Episode 10: Business & Senior Living Operations Advisor Roy Barker

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In this episode, find out things like:

  • How Roy knew a big change was coming to his job, and how he planned ahead for the marketing challenges that were coming
  • What network he loves to share his ‘daily motivators’ on
  • How Roy is in for the long game – nurturing leads for months or even years (and how he avoids hitting the panic button while waiting for those leads to convert)
  • Why Roy thinks sending a different waiter to your table every few minutes would be a great learning experience

Guest Profile

Former rodeo bull rider Roy Barker, Business & Senior Living Operations Advisor, has spent his career working with businesses of all types to improve their sales and marketing strategies. He believes that any company can improve their financial position through expense management, managing employee turnover, and operational efficiencies.

“Employee retention is an area most businesses can improve on. This is one area where shortcuts are often taken. With the average entry-level worker costing approximately $7,500 to turnover, executives reaching 200 percent of their yearly salary, and some technical workers up to 400 percent of their yearly salary, this shortcut can be a costly proposition.”

Roy has some great information to share about how to recruit, retain, and ensure that the employees a business hires are providing quality to customers. He is certain to provide some actionable advice that will benefit businesses of all sizes and types!

Other Notes/Links

To learn more about Roy Barker visit https://www.roybarker.com

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