Episode 3: Real Estate Guru & Investor Peter Vekselman

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In this episode, find out things like:

  • How the book Deals on Wheels got Peter started in the world of real estate
  • What a Bird-Dog is and how he used them to grow his business (with zero up front costs!)
  • Why direct mail is the best marketing for his business

Guest Profile

PeterVekselman-newphoto3Peter Vekselman is a business owner based in Atlanta. He has a made a lot of money as an entrepreneur in the real estate industry. He is a serial entrepreneur who started in the vending business, then purchased a mobile home park that fell on hard times. Eventually he started investing in real estate and that has paid off extremely well. Peter is now one of the top real estate investors in the Southeast. He is a Principal/owner in three companies including RBP Investments and Yates Estates Keller Williams, one of the fastest growing real estate firms in Georgia.Peter Vekselman has been involved in Real Estate as an investor, contractor, developer, and lender for more than a decade. He has bought and sold more than 3000 properties, and his construction company has handled 100+ projects. As a private lender, he has managed a portfolio of over $10 million. He holds a degree in Finance from Miami University, and is based in Atlanta with a vast business network across the USA.

Peter has some great advice for both new and established business owners.

Peter helps by teaching people…

  • How he has helped others change their life by investing in real estate.
  • In general, he can talk about when you should start a business.
  • How to focus on what you do best and stay away from things you don’t know about.
  • How successful entrepreneurs fill in the blanks with a good team surrounding their skill set.
  • How to market a business and how social media has paid dividends for him.
  • The benefits of YouTube marketing
  • He can also talk about how to avoid the mistakes he made along the way.

Peter speaks to groups of other business owners, and has been on podcasts/radio shows in the past.

Other Notes/Link

To learn more about Peter Vekselman, visit petervekselman.com or coachingbypeter.com

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