Episode 11: Family Friendly DJ Neil Smith

Table of Contents

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In this episode, find out things like:

  • Why Neil won’t always play the music your kids want to hear (and how that affects his bottom line and future referrals)
  • Why people love to refer business to Neil (and how he can charge more because of it!)
  • What platform Neil wishes he has time to put more marketing effort into
  • What unexpected thing Neil would do if he had an unlimited budget (it has to do with socks!)

Guest Profile

Neil Smith the DANDY DJ is a wedding and corporate event DJ based in Murfreesboro, TN about a half hour south of Nashville. In business over a decade doing strictly family friendly weddings and events. Formerly a professional musician.

Other Notes/Links

To learn more about Neil Smith the DANDY DJ visit http://www.dandydj.com

Neil’s books

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