SoS: “The King of Podcasting” JR Rivera

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In this episode, find out things like:

  • How his business will help improve your life, no matter who you are
  • 'The Podcast Factory' was actually created by mistake
  • How JR uses Facebook groups to his advantage

Guest Profile

JR is an ex-electrician turned entrepreneur. He left the rat race to pursue real estate. After experiencing some success and failure, he had to rebuild. He runs a successful rental business in only 4 hours a week.

Now, his main focus is running The Podcast Factory where he helps his hosts get high-value clients using Direct Response Podcasting™. JR is driven to create a life that is unique and fulfilling for his family. Both he and wife work together in the business and are able to travel and work remotely with their 3-year-old son. They have made their dream of being able to spend a month away at a time a reality. In the winter they work (and snowboard) in Park City, UT and in the summer they continue to work while spending time at the beach.

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Other Notes/Links

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