Episode 15: Business and Financial Consultant Jim Mosquera

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In this episode, find out things like:

  • How Jim leverages his experiences in the corporate world to help small businesses
  • What groups Jim thinks have worked well to grow his referral network
  • Which ONE online strategy has worked the best for Jim (hint: you’re listening to one now)
  • How Jim leverages his competitors to his advantage

Guest Profile:

Born in Panama City, Panama, he spent his formative years in Panama City and St. Louis, Missouri. He graduated near the top of his class from the University of Missouri-Columbia with Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Industrial Engineering. His Master’s thesis focused on operations research and computer simulation.

After graduation, he studied economics and the markets. He worked in telecommunications serving in a variety of roles including engineering, sales, sales support, product development, and training. In 2004, he received a patent for a software application he developed with a colleague.

Jim’s a Principal at Sentinel Consulting, a business restructuring and alternative finance firm. He also operates the economic and financial website called The Sentinel. He contributes financial and economic articles to various publications.

He’s a published author of fiction and non-fiction and a business professional. His non-fiction work will make you understand why the proposed solutions for our problems will not work. His fictional work is so realistic, it will make you wonder if such stories are possible. He wants people to understand the world around them and think for themselves.

Other Notes/Links

To learn more about Jim Mosquera

Jim’s site: www.SentinelConsulting.biz

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