Episode 19: Founder of App2Speak Gina Baldwin

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In this episode, find out things like:

  • Why she likes to keep a job on the side – and how that helps her grow her business
  • What event really helped her app take off
  • What digital marketing tactic Gina thinks is the best for promoting an app

Guest Profile

Gina Baldwin, M.S., CCC-SLP is a Licensed Speech Pathologist, a St. Louis Native, with over 30 years’ experience practicing in a variety of health care environments. She earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Speech Pathology at Western Illinois University and her Masters of Science degree in Speech Pathology at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Helping people with their speech and communication is her passion.

For years, she empathized with her patients’ frustration and emotional pain over their speech impairments due to accidents or illnesses. She had an idea of what they needed to regain relationship connections, independence, and self-respect.

After searching everywhere and not finding the tool she envisioned, Gina designed and created a software application called APP2Speak™. This affordable resource has been funded for four years by her and her husband, Scott.

The simple act of touching a photo allows the speech impaired individual to convey a short phrase, sentence, or even a complex story. APP2Speak™ is fully customizable. The user can easily integrate their own photos, take a photo within APP2Speak™, and record a voice for personalization. These features make the application ideal for all individuals who need assistance for speech and communication.

APP2Speak™ is for sale in the APPLE iTunes and Google Play stores with over 500 downloads and has sold internationally (6 countries). It is a recognized resource by Assistive Technology of Australia, MO Assistive Technology, and over 25 additional state Assistive Technology Organizations. In May, APP2Speak™ made local TV headlines providing St. Louis Police Officer Gary Glasby a means to communicate with his family and friends.

Gina enjoys jogging with her dogs, swimming, and creating heartfelt memories by sewing strip quilted bags, pillows, et al., via her hobby Purse Therapy.

Other Notes/Links

To learn more about Gina Baldwin visit https://app2speak.com

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