Episode 4: Productivity & Profit Specialist Cathy Sexton

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In this episode, find out things like:

  • Why she calls herself a “reformed workaholic”
  • How networking was the thing that helped her business get started
  • What her main lead generator is!

Guest Profile

cathy-ovalCathy Sexton is a productivity and profit specialist, coach, speaker author and founder of The Productivity Experts.

She works with individuals and organizations to I.G.N.I.T.E productivity and increase PROFITS. By leveraging their “Natural Productivity Style” and implementation of the Miracle Money Method.

Cathy uses her passion to help people live healthy, profitable and productive lives. Why? Because she knows the health risks of being a workaholic – she lived it, and paid a very high price for living that lifestyle! As a result, Cathy is committed to helping people reduce stress by gaining clarity and focus, so they get more done in fewer hours and make more money.

Cathy is an author and co-author of 4 books: includes her newest book “52 Powerful Success Strategies to Ignite Productivity”.

Cathy loves the challenge of working with women business owners to regain control of their time, energy and money. She empowers them to achieve guaranteed profitability and get paid what they are worth!

Despite her constant experimentation with new technologies, Cathy’s favorite productivity tools are the tickler file system and the double monitor system and remains forever grateful to whoever invented luggage on wheels.

Other Notes/Links

Cathy’s new book – 52 Powerful Success Strategies to Ignite Productivity

To learn more about Cathy Sexton, visit www.theproductivityexperts.com

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