How to Set Up Your Business Email Address to Work with Gmail

Work Business Email with Gmail

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Many people nowadays enjoy the security and ease-of-use that Gmail provides, usually for personal email accounts.  Because of its simplicity, some people also want to use the same system for their work or business email.

This is possible with just a few clicks of the mouse, and I’ve put the steps together for you here.

  1. Log into your Gmail account and click on the ‘gear’ in the top right corner.  Select Settings
  2. Choose the Accounts and Import link at the top of the Settings page
  3. Click on the link next to “Send mail as:” titled Add another email address you own
  4. A popup window will appear. Fill out your name (as you’d like it to show when someone receives an email from you) and your work/business email address. Leave ‘Treat as an alias’ checked. Click Next Step
  5. Next you’ll be asked for some SMTP settings. These are provided by your web hosting company.  Typically this login is the same as your cPanel login, if your host provides that service. You can use port 25, however we recommend sticking with the default, 587.  Fill this out and click Add Account
  6. If you’ve done that all correctly, you should see a confirmation like the one below.
  7. You should receive an email from ‘Gmail Team’ with your confirmation code. You can click the link in the email, or copy/paste the code into the box and click Verify. Upon doing so, you’ll see a message like this:
  8. Click Confirm and you’ll see one final confirmation.  You’re all set!

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