There's a secret going around the marketing crowd in St. Louis and across the country.  And quite honestly, it's not really a secret at all.  More like a lack of knowledge by business owners.

What's the "secret"?

Video SEO.

Not just video - which is one of the most important things you should be doing as a business owner, but also the optimization part of it.  What's the point in making a video if no one sees it?

Our new business video package will get you seen in more places, improve your SEO rankings, and boost your website traffic.

Our Business Video Package

In short: We'll produce seven high impact videos about your brand that will get you more traffic, views, and leads.

What that means: Our professional video team will help you create seven videos that you can use on all your social networks, your website, and more.

First, we'll work with you to create topics that will both explain what you do as well as contain the SEO elements to get each video ultimate traction and exposure.

Then we'll come to your location at a time that you choose, and we'll shoot the 'interview style' video. We'll work with you to make sure you're comfortable behind the camera. It's just an interview - and you get to talk about what you're already passionate about!

While we're there, we'll shoot plenty of "B roll" (your store, products, you in action, whatever it is you do) so that we have a LOT of footage by time the shoot is over.

After the shoot, we'll take all the digital footage and turn it into seven awesome videos that you'll have to promote your business. If you'd like, we can post them on your social media channels, your website, YouTube, and your Facebook business page.  We can put them all up at once, or (we recommend) "drip" them out over the course of seven weeks.

Each video will be optimized for SEO, and will be yours to use forever.

Example: St Louis Veterinarian

Example: Orange County Private Swim Lessons

The best part - you'll get seven videos like this to use as promotion for your business!  That's a massive amount of new content, and we all know that content is King when it comes to online/digital marketing.


Common Questions About Our Video SEO Package

How long is the average video shoot?

Our average shoot, including the B roll is around 4-5 hours from start to finish. This includes us setting up the cameras, lighting and taking it all down.  If you're in a retail situation, you may want to shoot during off-hours, or prior to opening. That way when you open we can get the B roll of customers coming in.

What is the cost?

The entire photoshoot, all videos edited, all SEO, and posted to your video platforms is $12,500.

How do I pay - are there payment options?

We offer two payment options -

  • Pay the entire cost up front and get two bonus videos (9 videos)
  • Pay half up front, and half at time of shoot (7 videos)

Are you offering any promotions?

Yes, through November 30, 2016, you can use promo code FLOAT to save $1000 off the entire video SEO package.

How do I get started?

You can use our checkout online, request a proposal, or give us a call 314-514-5SEO if you'd prefer to get an invoice.


More Video Examples

Orange County Birth Doula

Concierge Doctor