As part of our continuing small business education series, we're going to host webinars, SEO courses and business-related workshops for our fans.  We've listed below all of the upcoming events.  Some are free, others cost a nominal fee - but all of them are packed with great information!

"What The Hell Happened" - Weekly Live Broadcast on Blab

  • Keep up with the latest changes in social media and digital marketing
  • Every Friday at 12:30PM Central
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  • Watch past episodes

"Navigate the Rapids" - Weekly Podcast

  • The struggles, successes and failures of average business owners
  • New episode published every Tuesday
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Red Canoe Elite: Immediate Access to Over 100 Video Tutorials

We've been busy through 2014, 2015 and 2016 building video courses on everything from WordPress SEO to Google Analytics and Amazon Kindle. Here are some you can get:

  • Five Ways to Make $1000 From Your Website Today
  • Protecting Your Brand
  • How to Convert Your LinkedIn Profile into a Lead Generation Tool
  • The Truth About Accepting Payments Online
  • Maximizing Your Most Prescious Resource - Time!
  • Secrets to Running a Successful AdWords Campaign for Your Small Business
  • Public Relations for SEO
  • The Changing Faces of Facebook
  • Get access to all of these videos (and a ton more!) now.