Google’s New Business Pages

If there’s been one big change to Google in the last two years, it’s the integration of local results into your searches.

First it was Google Maps, then Google Places, now it’s Google Plus Local – things keep changing with the Google business listings, how do you know if yours is correct or not?

This month we’ll talk all about claiming your listing, changing/updating your old Places listing, and all the things you need to do to keep your business in the search results and up to date!

On July 17, 2012, SEO Expert Will Hanke shared his presentation on ‘Understanding Google+ Local for Business’.  The presentation, right at one hour long, explains how a small business owner can get started with Google+ Local Business Pages.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why Google is shifting from Places to Plus
  • How to get your business page set up
  • What you need to do to get your listing moved to the top of the results

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