Get in the Know

You're a busy business owner. You realize that your business needs to be noticed online, but you really don't have time to do it all yourself.  After all, you're busy running a business!

But it is definitely a good thing to understand what's going on in the Internet Marketing world.  Sure, you might not want to sit down and spend half a day doing keyword research, but you would like to understand it's importance and the basic concepts.

It's people such as yourself that we help.

Since people learn in different ways, we offer several different training paths for you - pick the one that fits your needs!

Next Training

Take Control of Your Online Reputation - Feb 20 at 2:00PM Central register here

It’s no secret that your online reputation (namely, reviews) can make or break your business.

On this webinar we will share some of our best strategies & tactics enhancing your online reputation so you can convert more leads & drive more sales.

Immediate Access Training

Whether you're just really busy or prefer the quietness of your office over networking, webinars may be right up your alley.  Every month we host at least one, sometimes several webinars on various SEO-related topics.

Red Canoe Elite: Immediate Access to Over 100 Video Tutorials

We've been busy since 2014 building video courses on everything from WordPress SEO to Google Analytics to Amazon Kindle. Here are some you can get:

  • Five Ways to Make $1000 From Your Website Today
  • Protecting Your Brand
  • How to Convert Your LinkedIn Profile into a Lead Generation Tool
  • The Truth About Accepting Payments Online
  • Maximizing Your Most Prescious Resource - Time!
  • Secrets to Running a Successful AdWords Campaign for Your Small Business
  • Public Relations for SEO
  • The Changing Faces of Facebook
  • Get access to all of these videos (and a ton more!) now.

DigiKnow? - (Almost) Weekly Podcast

  • Keep up with the latest changes in social media and digital marketing
  • New episode almost every Friday
  • Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn
  • All episodes

Sink or Swim - BiWeekly Podcast

  • Currently in production bi-weekly (usually)
  • The struggles, successes and failures of average business owners
  • New episode published every other Wednesday
  • Subscribe on iTunes
  • All episodes

Navigate the Rapids

  • Currently in production
  • Interviews with Business Leaders
  • Great tips on building and growing your business
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Saint Louis SEO Meetup

Every month, we host a meetup at Spazios in Westport.  Each month you can learn about a different part of SEO - from keyword research to Google Analytics to integrating video into your website.  The classes cost a whopping $10 bucks and almost always sell out.  To find out more, visit our webpage and join - it's free!

Corporate Training

We'll come to your place of business and train your employees on a variety of SEO related topics.