Pick-n-Choose the Services You Need Most

We understand that not every business can afford to engage in a full SEO campaign. For those cases, a link building campaign may be a cost-effective way to boost your overall link amounts. Although a one-time link building campaign isn’t a good long-term strategy, it is a good way to get your rankings moving in the right direction. This is a hands-off strategy: meaning we do the work and you manage the additions & changes each month.

Small Business SEO Packages

These packages are a great way to get started with SEO – without breaking the bank.

Keyword Research – $345

With the basic terms you provide, we will research through our keyword tools to find you the best mix of competitive and long tail keywords. This will give you a nice foundation for a link building campaign.  Add to Cart

Keyword Ranking Reports

Ever week we run a ranking report and email the results to your inbox. You’ll be able to see your keyword performance over time as they increase in ranking.

Press Releases – $500ea

A great way to build links, traffic, and sometimes get some free publicity – press releases can bring in some great exposure.  Add to Cart

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