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Get More Leads for
Your Window Treatment and Coverings Business

Are you wanting to be the best and most successful window treatment and coverings in town? If so, we can help. Our team of professional digital marketers specialize in online lead generation for home services companies.  Even better, we offer exclusive agreements to window treatment and coverings companies across the United States – meaning our clients have all of our attention and we will not work with another competitor within a 100 mile radius. If your competitor is ranking at the top of Google, it may be because he’s using our service. And if he isn’t, you’re in luck because he won’t be up there for long.

How Our Digital Marketing
for Solar Installation Services Works

There are 3 steps to our service.

A full digital marketing audit of your website and all external influencers

Our 100 Day Plan
(if you qualify)

The accelerator – our ongoing maintenance, promotion, and exposure generation program

Your First Step

The Digital Marketing Audit

Our full audit takes three days to complete, and will show you exactly what the search engines think about your website. We’ll check:

The audit costs $897. There is no obligation to hire us to do any work after the audit, although we’d love it if you did.

This step is dependent on us already having an exclusive agreement with a window treatment company within a 100 mile radius of your main location.

Your Second Step

The 100 Day Plan



We’ve identified all the flaws in your armor, and now we set off to fix them. In this phase we optimize your website for the best possible rankings, we set up a lead magnet to attract more leads, and we set up an automation program that helps you qualify and reach out to those potential leads regularly and with little effort on your part.

That sounds easy, but we actually do a lot more than that. We help you set up (and decipher) Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and several other services that give you information about your website visitors. We set up a separate phone number that helps you separate your website-generated phone leads from others. We help you understand just what’s going on with your visitors – and how to get more of them into your lead/sales funnel.

And yes, this step really is 100 days long.

Want to learn more about the details in this step? See our 100 Day Plan page.

Your Third Step

The Accelerator – Time to Hit the Gas

The Accelerator
Time to Hit the Gas

Now that everything is set up, it’s time for us to put our digital marketing expertise to work. We’ll maintain your website, modify your sales funnels, help you with Facebook ads and retargeting, update your specials (or those from vendors like Hunter Douglas, etc), and more.

This is where the leads start to really come in, and the system we’ve built starts to pay for itself – in multiples!

This is the most crucial step as it’s where we really get to optimize the entire ‘machine’ we’ve built to output the best possible results – more leads!

This is also the step that has no contract. It’s month to month. If you decide to pause, that’s no problem.

About Your Exclusive Agreement

Our exclusive agreement is pretty simple – once you’re in our program, we won’t work on another competitor’s website or digital marketing within a 50 mile radius of your main location.

This means you’ll have the most experienced and noteworthy team on your side – optimizing your website, generating leads, and maintaining your entire online performance.  As long as you’re in our program, we will simply put your competitors on a waiting list when they contact us.  Once you’ve decided to leave or pause our program, we will open it up to the next available company on our waiting list.

It’s really that easy!

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