Launched in September 2018, LeadStorm shows you who’s visiting your site, what pages they looked at, and sets you up for success with warm, primed leads.

You’ll get some pretty incredible stuff including:

  • What companies looked at your website in the past week
  • How many pages they looked at (and which pages in particular)
  • How that company found you
  • If there were multiple visits from the same company/person

In addition to this great information, you’ll also get

  • The ability to filter or score each visit
  • The phone number to the particular business location that visited
  • Emails to important people at the company (so you can reach out)

When you sign up, you’ll receive free of charge from us:

  • Setup of filtering so you receive daily or weekly reports
  • Our 5-step automated email followup system
  • A weekly one-sheet of pre-qualified leads that you can hand to your sales team

Access to this tool is not yet available to public businesses, however we have instituted an invite list to let customers know when it opens. To get on the invite list, please fill out the simple form below.

B2B LeadStorm Invite List Signup