Keyword Research

Everything that you do online starts with the foundation of keywords.  You need to know what people are typing in to find you!  The process is divided into two parts, both described below.

Part One

Since you know your industry best, we need a little help understanding what it is you do, what you sell, and who you sell to.  So we ask you to download, fill out and return our business profile questionnaire that will help us understand your business.  Once you complete this questionnaire, we'll proceed on to step two.

Part Two

Armed with your questionnaire answers, we will create a ‘seed list’ of 5-8 keywords that we think best describe the various ‘areas’ of your business.  From that list, we'll create a spreadsheet with between 2500-10,000 keywords and keyphrases that you can use in your online efforts.


We offer keyword research as a service and also offer a discounted 'bundle' if you need your site audit done, too.

    • Keyword Research – $345 Purchase
    • Keyword Research and Website Evaluation Combo - $699
COMBO Purchase

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Your research results will be in your InBox in 2-3 days.

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