analyticsFor many years, Google Analytics has been the standard free analytics platform for small businesses.  Millions of businesses utilize the great service and use the data to build stronger, more efficient websites.

Recently, Google announced that they’ve released a new version of their analytics platform called Universal Analytics.  This new release requires that a business owner first request to be upgraded to the new system, and then some JavaScript coding changes be made to the business website.

We know that coding changes can be a bit daunting to business owners, so we’ve put together this easy service to help you get your website updated to use the new Universal Analytics system.  In 48 hours or less, you can be upgraded and on your way with all the changes in place.

Cost: $49* – free if you are already a contracted Red Canoe SEO client
This is a one-time service, there are no reoccurring costs or expenses.


*This service is for websites that are built on a CMS such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, or have less than twenty (20) hard-coded pages.  Websites with more pages that do not include a central script location will be refunded and quoted based on our hourly rate.

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