You’re finishing up a new book and want to “get the word out”.

You probably wrote it in the first place to get more exposure, right?

We’ve helped authors like you do just that – but through a little bit of an unorthodox approach – giving the book away FREE!

Now, before you click the back button, let me explain.

You see, you wrote the book to get exposure, not to become a rich and famous author.

Sure, that’d be a nice side benefit if it happened, but for most business owners we do it to be referred to as a thought leader and get more people to learn about our business.

So if you could break even on the book, or even lose a dollar or two in order to get a new customer, wouldn’t you?

Of course you would. (and if you’re crazy enough to say you wouldn’t, go ahead and hit the back button now!)

Your book is the gateway drug to get the conversation started – with someone that raised their hand and said they were interested in what you have to offer.

there's moneySo What is a Growth Funnel?

Just like it sounds, it’s a set of steps that move people from not knowing about you all the way through to doing business with you.

Along the way, you build your email list of potential and future customers.

Exposure to people you otherwise wouldn’t meet. People that like your message. Their email addresses. Do you see the funnel taking shape?

Building Your Growth Funnel

There are a lot of steps to building the funnel, but they all result in your book in the hands of more people that want to do business with you.  Here are some steps:


This entire process takes 45-60 days to get ready.  During that time, you’ll receive updates from us about the progress.  Along the way you’ll receive worksheets that will help you discover your target market personas, ad templates, brand champion outreach emails and more.

At the end of the build-out, you’ll have:


There are several costs in building your growth funnel. You may already subscribe to some of these. If so, you won’t have to do it again.

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