“What are you doing to get people into your funnel?”

That was the question that my business coach asked me a few years ago.

I didn’t have an answer, because I barely had any sort of “funnel” in place.

Fast forward a few years and there’s nothing that has a bigger impact on my business than my sales funnels.

What is a Sales Funnel?

For many years, advertising agencies have used the idea of a funnel as a way to “get people through your pipeline” that leads from hearing about your company to becoming a customer.


In order to succeed at business, you need to have a steady supply of people into the top of your funnel.  Through education and touchpoints, a certain amount of those people move further into the funnel and start to engage with your business. A certain number of them will then become customers.  This is a typical sales process, as you probably realize.

Getting People into the Funnel

In order for people to become aware of your business, you have to market to them.

Fun, right?  Not always; but necessary if you want to succeed.

How Sales & Growth Funnels Can Help You

Funnels help you:

  • Get more leads into your CRM (build your list)
  • Engage with people already in your list
  • Separate out those that are interested in your business/services from those that are not
  • Launch a new product
  • Promote your new book
  • Get local exposure
  • Automate processes so you only talk to qualified prospects

Our Most Popular Funnels

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