You’re Now on a Steady Course Downstream

Whether you’ve made it through our 100 Day Plan or just want to get started right away on an SEO program, we have an expedition plan that fits your needs. We’ll help you make your marketing plan more concrete than ever, your advertising is more consistent, and get the search engines to starting to take notice of your website. Then, the leads will start coming in!

Now it’s time to slip into the current and let this momentum push your business through.

Below are listed our ongoing continuity programs, which we call Expeditions.  Listed after the table of options is an explanation of each service. You won’t find a more in-depth and complete listing of services from a digital marketing / search engine marketing company anywhere.

Action Steps (What we can do for you)

Content Creation124
Social Content Distribution
SEO Work
Web Maintenance
WP Care
Local Optimization
Link Building
Link Building Outreach4416
User Testing
5 Star Review System
Call Tracking Minutes5005002500
SERP Audits
Offsite Backups
A/B Testing 1 Page
WMT Monitoring
Monthly Skype Review
EOM Link Building Report
Social Media 1 Post/Day NW1
Social Media 1 Post/Day NW2
Monthly Cost$850$1950$3450
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In addition to the items listed above, each expedition includes (at no additional cost):

Monthly Group Coaching Call – Every month we’ll present a new or upcoming topic that could affect your digital marketing efforts. It could be something on understanding Google Analytics, setting up a retargeting pixel, or how to correctly use chatbots to your advantage.

Red Canoe Elite – you’ll get access to over 100 how-to videos from WordPress to Google Analytics to SEO.

Private Facebook Group – have questions or want to see what similar-minded business owners are doing to succeed? Our secret Facebook group will be a great way for you to learn about new marketing tactics and tricks, plus you’ll make some friends along the trip!

Service Details

Content Creation – Our highly qualified writers will create x articles a month (see chart above) that will be edited, SEO’d, and published to your website monthly.

Social Content Distribution – Once published, we’ll publish that content to all of your social media channels.

SEO Work – We’ll update your site with fresh meta descriptions, titles, heading tags, and any other SEO-related tasks that need to be done. Monthly limits apply.  Work done will vary from month to month, but entails the following tasks:

  • Monitoring, modifying, and updating page titles, meta descriptions, headings, and other HTML structure-related items
  • Identifying and correcting duplicate content issues
  • Verifying navigation and UX factors including responsiveness across multiple devices, correct usage of AMP
  • Page and site content modifications for keyword ranking
  • Utilizing our SEO tools to identify and fix other indexing and ranking-related problems
  • Monitoring Google Analytics for positive and negative trends
  • Image optimization and appropriate ALT tags
  • New and old content internal linking
  • Page speed tests and optimization
  • Backlink monitoring for ‘naturalness’ across profile
  • Goal setup and reporting in Google Analytics
  • Biannual audits to identify outstanding issues
  • Fixing broken links, updating and creating redirects
  • Submission of disavow file to search engines as needed

End of Month Rankings Report – Monthly reports that show your local keyword rankings, SERPS movements, and phone calls will help you understand how your marketing plan is working. Plus, Google Analytics goals,

Web Maintenance – Need website modifications done? Includes copy, product, or layout modifications. Graphic work extra. Monthly limits apply.

WordPress Care – If you’re using WordPress as your website platform, we’ll run weekly updates to your core files and plugins so your website is always up to date and protected from hackers.

Offsite Backups – We’ll run daily website backups and store them in an offsite location like Amazon S3 or Dropbox. This way your backups are remotely stored and easy to access in the case of website breakage.

Monthly Reviews – A monthly Skype session will include an overview of your current reports, any problems or issues we see coming up, and an opportunity for brainstorming about future ideas, implementations and other projects.

User Testing – Monthly tests using three outside users. We’ll give them specific tasks and see how they interact with your website. We’ll use that information to determine next steps and changes.

5 Star Review System – We’ll set up and solicit reviews using our one of a kind review system. Learn more here

Call Tracking – We’ll set up a unique phone number for your website which will forward to your regular line. This will help you understand how many phone calls the website is generating. Included are x minutes per month.

SERPS AuditsTwice a year we’ll do a total SEO audit of your site and recommend updates and changes to the things that affect your rankings the most.

Local Optimization – Ongoing optimization and tracking of over 100 influential citation websites that improve your local listings, including Yelp, Google Maps & more.

A/B Testing – We’ll mock up multiple versions of a page on your site and run traffic to both, determining a winner. One test per month as determined by our collaboration.

Newsletter – We’ll put together x newsletter(s) and send it out on your company’s behalf. Have special offers or upcoming sales? We’ll get that information in front of your subscribers!
* includes resend in alternate weeks

WMT Monitoring – We’ll monitor your Google and Bing webmaster Tools for crawl errors, sitemap problems and more.

Link Building – Submission of your site to directories, business listings and more. Hours per month.

Link Building Outreach – Two articles will be created each month for publishing on external sites, all linking back to your website and improving your overall domain authority.

Link Building Report – Each month we’ll report back on your overall link influence and provide links to new articles and other mentions acquired.

Social Media – We’ll build a custom social media presence for you and post daily to a specific network. We’ll work with you to determine the best network for your needs.

Messenger Chat Monitoring – Messenger is a super way to communicate with potential customers. We’ll install and monitor a custom widget on your website for help with sales, leads, and more.

Facebook Ads Maintenance – We’ll maintain, create, modify, and report on your Facebook ad campaign. Up to $5000 in monthly budget/spend.

The Rapids (What’s Not Included)

Expedition packages do not include the following. These items would be bid and billed as separate services from RCM.

  • Management of third party software/services
  • Funnel creation
  • Email service provider management (including funnel creation/maintenance)
  • Recommended/required plugins
  • Custom projects outside of the services listed above

If you have questions about these or the related items listed above, please contact us for clarification. We want to make sure you understand just what you’re getting from us so we can provide you with the best outcome.

RCM is a 100% whitehat organization. That means we will not perform any tasks or procedures that would put your website in danger of violating terms of service or being deindexed from the search engines.

We will not ignore your requests nor miss deadlines. To keep this from happening, all tasks will be documented in Basecamp, our project management system. You will get full access to your campaign and will have the ability to see what tasks are complete, outstanding, and/or pending. You’ll also have the ability to upload documents and graphics, track and review messages, and assign to-do tasks.

Launch (Let’s Do This!)

Get started now by giving us a call at 314-514-5SEO and let’s get to work!