Competitive SEO Analysis

Let's face it - you want to know what your competition is doing before you invest money and time into an SEO campaign.  That's a smart idea.

We can provide a complete SEO analysis of your competitors which includes:

  • Their hard website statistics (how many pages, URL history, etc)
  • Link building efforts (both monthly and cumulative)
  • Top Ranking Keywords
  • Site-targeted keywords
  • Keywords they are bidding on (via PPC, if applicable)
  • List of top online competitors
  • Internal link strategy
  • Search traffic estimates
  • Technical analysis
  • More
Armed with this information, you'll be able to set clear goals for your online marketing strategy.

Getting Started

We offer a few different ways to get the competitive analysis you want.

Per Site - $395ea

There are just a few 'players' in your industry, and you already know who they are, you just want the analysis.  Give us their URL and off we go! Delivery in 3 days or less. (PDF)

Industry / Keyword - $395ea

You're not sure who's the top, but you have a good idea.  Give us the keywords you'd like to rank for, and we'll give you the top 5 leaders/websites in the industry.  From there you tell us which to run the analysis on, and we'll get to it!  Delivery in 3 days or less. (PDF)

Combo Savings - $1595

If you want several website analyzed, this savings pack is for you.  Give us 5 URLs to analyze, or 10 keywords and we'll analyze the top 5 competitors in your industry.  Savings of $380, delivery in 7 days or less. (PDF)

Other Recommendations

Along with checking out your competitors, we recommend you understand just what the search engines think about your website.  An SEO evaluation is a great way to know what to fix, where to start, and how to get on track to beating those competitors!

What's Your SEO Score?

See how optimized a specific web page, landing page, or blog post is for a exact keyword or phrase

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