ChannelAdvisor Integration and Maintenance Experts

If your ecommerce business is doing well and you're thinking about moving to ChannelAdvisor, or perhaps you already have made that decision, let us help you get all of your products moved to the CA platform.

Red Canoe Media has helped successful ecommerce businesses in the area move large amounts of product data into the ChannelAdvisor system. We are very familiar with ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and many others.

While ChannelAdvisor will tell you that the first six weeks are training, we can have you up and running in just three. We're familiar with the system, understand how to make it work, and won't need that learning curve.

That means your products will be up on your first selling channel in just three weeks. And since ChannelAdvisor isn't cheap, this is three to five additional weeks you'll be making money instead of losing money.

Included in our flexible ChannelAdvisor setup program is sorting and integration of your product data, setup of custom SEO fields, and publishing to one channel of your choice (typically Amazon). As mentioned above, along the way you'll end up with much better data on your own website as well as what is then published out from CA.  This makes it a real win-win!

After launching your products, you'll still need to maintain the system - adding new products, changing inventory amounts, discontinuing products, etc. We can help you maintain all of your ChannelAdvisor and website product systems as part of an ongoing CA maintenance agreement. In addition, we can help you boost your SEO across all platforms.  For instance, we'll help you create custom fields that will allow you to promote your products throughout your chosen channels without ruining your current website's authority.

Afterall, the idea is to expand your reach, not ruin or transfer it.

Need ChannelAdvisor Help?

If you need help with ChannelAdvisor, we're the ones to help you. Our experience with the platform and knowledge of the selling channels makes investing in our services a no-brainer.

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