Your Next Step: The 100 Day Plan

A day trip is an easy way to test out a canoe, a river, the rapids, etc, without a lot of the packing and resources required for a longer ride.

Our 100 Day Plan is the same way – it’s a way for you to test drive our services over the course of 100 business days, get some serious marketing stuff done, and see how it’s all working along the way. The entire plan is listed out in detail in the pages below.

Just as with any trip, there are stops along the way to make sure things are working how you’d expect them to, and there are indicators to show you how your website, authority, traffic and more are improving.

We show you the stats and make sure you understand just what you’re seeing.

At the end of the 100 Day Plan, you’ll have a solid understanding of how our business works, functions and communicates. If you like it, of course we’d love to continue the journey with you!

Ready? Let’s get started!

Getting Ready for the Trip

We’ve got to get everything ready, the plans finalized, and the reservations made.

Days 1-5

  • Persona research
  • Keyword research
  • Google & Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Google analytics, goals, filtering, misc settings
  • Hotjar heatmap and visitor recording
  • Callfire call tracking
  • Facebook & AdWords pixel

Action Steps (What will we do?)

Time to set out! Here is your navigation map to the next 90 days.

Days 6-40

  • Content strategy – we’ll use the keyword research to build a content marketing plan for your business. We’ll get our writers to create 8 articles (aka blogs) that will be edited, SEO’d, and ready for publishing during phase 2 and 3 of the plan.
  • Link building – In addition to the 8 articles for content strategy, another 6 will be created for publishing on external sites, all linking back to your website and improving your overall domain authority.
  • SEO – At every step of the journey, all content will be vetted and optimized for the best SEO results possible
  • Reporting – Time to set up the keywords into a tracking system so you can see improvement over time. We’ll run a report on day 11 to establish a baseline.
  • Lead Magnet – Using the persona research we’ll work with your team to create a lead magnet – a downloadable asset that provides “value up front” to potential customers – setting your business apart as not just “another company selling a widget” and positioning you as experts in your field.
  • Landing Page – this page will collect the leads from the lead magnet and move them to your email program.
  • Email list setup/automation – We’ll set up an ActiveCampaign account for your new lead magnet and create a 3-email drip followup series to educate and persuade your new prospect to take the next step.
  • Google My Business – For local businesses with physical locations, we’ll help you get your GMB account verified and fully optimized
  • Google AdWords – If you already have an AdWords account running, we’ll use the keyword research and persona information to make sure your ads are running as well as they can until the lead magnet is ready.
  • Page Maintenance – Need a new page built, content modified, or other non-design-related changes done on your site? Send them over and we’ll take care of them.
  • Day 39 Review – Time to review what’s been done, what’s still outstanding, the KPIs, and expected results over the next 60 days.

Days 41-70

  • Content strategy – Time to start publishing those articles and attracting the search engines’ attention. We’ll schedule a post for each week, and push that article to all your social media channels as well.
  • Link building – Working with our link building team, the 6 articles will be pitched and (hopefully) accepted to blogs. We’ll make sure each article is keyword targeted with a link back to your website.
  • Lead Magnet – We’ll put this document up on Amazon S3 and “turn it on”.
  • Google My Business – We’ll double check to make sure your profile is fully optimized and fix any problems that may have come up.
  • Google AdWords – With the lead magnet in place, you should start seeing better engagement from your AdWords spend, as now the customers have ‘something to do’ other than contact you directly. This is great for researchers and those not ready to buy.
  • Page Maintenance – Need a new page built, content modified, or other non-design-related changes done on your site? Send them over and we’ll take care of them.
  • Day 69 review – Time to review what’s been done, what’s still outstanding, the KPIs, SEO and ranking reports, and expected results over the final 30 days.

Days 71-100

  • Content strategy – The articles are scheduled and cross linked for the best user experience. The search engines should be loving this new content!
  • Link building – We’ll continue to build links and submit your articles to websites, directories, and business listings.
  • Page Maintenance – Need a new page built, content modified, or other non-design-related changes done on your site? Send them over and we’ll take care of them.
  • Day 99 review – Let’s talk about how the campaign is going, what we’ve accomplished, and what the future with our partnership looks like.

KPIs (How do we measure our results?)

Each review meeting includes these measurements and a 1 on 1 call or meeting to go over them.

  • Organic Keyword Rankings
  • Links
  • Phone Calls
  • Speed Test
  • Goals in Google Analytics

The Rapids (What We Won’t Do)

RCM is a 100% whitehat organization. That means we will not perform any tasks or procedures that would put your website in danger of violating terms of service or being deindexed from the search engines.

We will not ignore your requests nor miss deadlines. To keep this from happening, all tasks will be documented in Basecamp, our project management system. You will get full access to your campaign and will have the ability to see what tasks are complete, outstanding, and/or pending. You’ll also have the ability to upload documents and graphics, track and review messages, and assign to-do tasks.


Implementation of the 100 Day Plan is available in two ways:

  • One time payment of $6700
  • One up-front payment of $2500, then four monthly payments of $1100 ($6900 in total)

Fee includes all costs for tools, time, and materials used and is due at start of project.

AdWords and Facebook campaign setup and budget is not included in this fee and will be billed separately if needed.

Launch (Let’s Do This!)

Your SEO audit is done, you know what you need – implementation.

That’s what we do best, and we’re ready to take that step with you.

Get started now by giving us a call – 314-514-5SEO and let’s get to work!