Red Canoe Media is excited to announce our recent inclusion on, a ratings and reviews platform. Clutch’s mission is to arm businesses with insights and analysis so they can identify a service provider for their specific challenges with confidence. In fact, one of their recent surveys demonstrates the importance of online reviews for reputation management. In a highly competitive digital landscape, it’s more necessary than ever for a business, Red Canoe included, to take every step to distinguish themselves and help prospective buyers feel confident in their ability.

Clutch produces unbiased reviews by reaching out to our clients individually, and conducting phone interviews that ensure the review is comprehensive and covers most if not all relevant aspects of the collaboration. Reviews form the core of their evaluation process, and contribute to a company’s ranking in a given directory. Companies are listed in a Leader’s Matrix, allowing a buyer to see how business and solutions compare in a specific market

Red Canoe Media is committed to our clients’ success, and ensuring that we’re delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients. Along these lines, we value client feedback. Our presence on Clutch is not only as an opportunity to engage new buyers, but also to identify areas for improvement and continual growth.

Clutch interviewed one of our clients, the Co-Owner of a furniture business. With their previous provider, the return was disappointingly low. However, once they started working with us, and our team implemented a targeted SEO and PPC strategy, the changes were apparent. The client commented,

The business has quadrupled and we’ve increased our targeted traffic. Everything is trackable and results-based. I’ve never done any advertising that’s been more effective, or even came close.

We’re excited to receive this validation of our team’s strong work ethic and commitment to customer service, and looking forward to continuing our partnership with Clutch. Contact us today if you’re interested in accomplishing your business goals leveraging Red Canoe Media’s unique knowledge and solutions!